The Eds in the Future is a fanfictional episode where Eddy is going to the time machine to 20 years later.


Eddy goes to the time machine and went to 2033, soon as Eddy made it, he finds out that Ed is the owner of the bar, Edd is the janitor in the bank who is back wearing his hat but had a neat mustache and had a buzz cut revealed, Kevin is the police cop, Nazz is the nurse, Rolf is the car builder, Jonny and Plank are bird watchers, Sarah is the gym coach, Jimmy is the movie star and The Kanker Sisters are prison guards, Eddy immediately ask the grown up Edd where the future Eddy is, the grown up Edd tells him that the grown up Eddy is working for the Vanuatuan Air Force as the bomber pilot, the grown up Ed was surprised to see Eddy again, Eddy asks him where the military base where the grown up Eddy is, the grown up Ed replies that he doesn't know, the grown up Eddy arrives in the helicopter and took grown up Ed, grown up Edd and Eddy to the aircraft carrier of the Vanuatuan navy, the Admiral introduces his name Orwell Evanson, his target is the aircraft carrier belonging to the Vanuatuan rebels called The Pacific Devil, soon as Eddy hopped on the bomber, Edd on the Jet Fighter and Ed on the Interceptor, they soon take off to attack the Vanuatuan rebels, soon as the Vatuatuan squadron immediately approach the Vanuatuan rebel navy, the Rebel squadron immediately make an ambush on the squadron, grown up easily shoots down the rebel Jet fighter in the dogfight, soon as the battle starts, grown up Eddy's wingmen get shot down by the battleship turrets but grown up Eddy evades them, he then fires the missiles and destroys the battleship, Edd shoots down at least three rebel jet fighters and sunk 1 destroyer, grown up Eddy shoots down the gunship shooting at grown up Ed, grown up Ed fires the missiles at the destroyer escort, destroying it easily, grown up Eddy immediately drops bombs and destroys the aircraft carrier and sinks it and yells in victory, the grown up Eds return to the Vanuatuan aircraft carrier, Eddy says that it was so amazing in the future, grown up Eddy drives back on the helicopter where Eddy is going back to 2013, Eddy finally returns home, Eddy is happy that the future is so amazing and goes back to his room.