Mary Itzatrap (born April, 20 2000) is a fan made character, she resembles the student from Korean school. She has champaign blonde hair with cerise and cyan colored streaks, Mary is a bit taller than Eddy and about the same size of Edd.


Full Name: Mary Susan Candy Blossom Itzatrap

Hair Color: Light Blonde with cerise and cyan colored streaks.

Skin Color: Paled

Eye Color: Green (seen in Mary's discovery of The Old Abandoned House)

Personality: Mary is very sweet, compassionate and usually very polite to people, she shows happiness and peace towards everyone.

Attire: A cerise colored butterfly clip, her clothing have a resemblance on the Korean school outfit (her outfit includes a midnight blue collared jacket, light pink plaid skirt, white sweater, light denim tie with gold trimmings and two cyan colored dots on the center, pink bow tie, grey socks and pink converse shoes).

National Country: York, Maine

Tongue Color: Lavender

Ethnicity: Afro Vanuatuan (father), Welsh, Herm, Scottish