Arch, Archh n Archy is a fan fictional version of Ed, Edd n Eddy.


The Ed, Edd n Eddy characters receive the British based version.



The British Ed

Born in Canterbury, Kent, England. Arch is a dimwitted member of the Archs. He has red hair and pale yellow skin and horse teeth, he wears a dark green blazer and a white polo shirt, black pants with a black belt with a golden buckle and black leather boots.


The British Edd

Born in Paddington, Greater London, England. Archh is also known as Double H, Archh has a polite manner and is the most intelligent member of the Archhs, he has a gap in his teeth like Edd but a bit bigger, he wears a white colored shirt adorned with a dark green tie, blue sweater, dark purple blazer, dark blue pants black shoes and a top hat.


The British Eddy

Born in Reading, Berkshire, England. Archy has a greedy and childish attitude. Archy has smaller horse teeth, he wears a white tennis shirt, black dungarees, black leather boots.


The British Jimmy

Born in Manchester, Greater Manchester, England. Araan is weak, effeminate and timid, he wears a v neck sweater and a hear gear and also wears girl shorts and red slippers.


The British Sarah

Born in Swansea, Glamogan, Wales. Sabelle is Arch's spoiled baby sister and Archy's female worst enemy, she confronts Archy, first staring at each other, then slapping their arms at each other and say jolly good at each other show when fight is over. She only wears a blue dress and has red hair.


The Irish Rolf

Born in Cork, Republic of Ireland. Aedan says unusual jokes and calls the Archs Arch boys, he has black hair and wears a white collared shirt and red overalls.


The British Kevin

Born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Angus has a stuck up attitude and tend to call the Archs "twerps". He has dark brown hair, wearing a red gown and blue slippers.


The British Nazz

Born in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. Zara is an attractive love interest of the Archs. She has black hair and a purple dress.

Charlotte SwatsaEdit

The Scottish Lee

She has a huge crush on Archy. She has curly black hair covering her hair.


She has a huge crush on Archh, she has short green hair covering her right eye.


The Scottish May

She has a huge on Arch. She is a buck toothed red head.