Anwen is a wealthy British daughter of William. The Eds first met her in the Cul-De-Sac.


Hair Color: Green

Skin Color: Paled

Eye Color: Teal

Tongue Color: Light Yellow

Birthdate: April, 30 1996

Clothing: A mustard colored sleeveless shirt, blue shorts and red sandals.

School Clothing: White button up shirt, red and blue plaid skirt black panty hose and black Mary Jane shoes.

Birth place: England

Personality: Anwen appears to be calm, sweet, generous and technically polite.

Relationships with CharactersEdit

Ed: Anwen sees the actions of Ed watching monster movies, she also succeeded to get Ed to get over his fear of cleansing agents.

Edd: Anwen was kind of impressed with Edd's intelligent skills but was insured with Edd's intellect values and was seemingly okay with it.

Eddy: Anwen mostly finds Eddy too cute and funny, Anwen was seen smiling at him due to the acts of Eddy's attempt to attract her.

Rolf: Anwen doesn't understand Rolf's language, she declared that he's from Central Europe.

Kevin: Anwen was seemingly nervous about Kevin, Kevin tried to impress her with the athletic skills on his bike.

Nazz: Anwen was like an older sister of Nazz, Nazz was impressed with her yellow finger nail polish.

Sarah: Anwen was easily annoyed by Sarah's voice and complaining.

Jimmy: Anwen had to babysit Jimmy in every Sunday nights.

The Kanker Sisters: The Kanker Sisters proclaimed that Anwen was like their older cousin.